Racism 1850-1900

Racism in 1850 – 1900 was huge African-Americans in the civil war were fighting for freedom. The American civil war was conflict over slavery which was harmful to everyone involved but really messed up African-Americans, and their pride. This I believe started racism, the thought that genetically one race is better than another. So the Racism was more than one person telling another that he is better but publicly hurting them and killing a person in some cases just to prove that point.

President Abraham Lincoln came up with the Emancipation Proclamation on Sept 2 1862, which gave slaves Freedom all over the nation; it first went into “effect” in the northern states and throughout the nation as the union army advanced. On June 15, 1864, President Lincoln formally issued this Emancipation Proclamation. About 180,000 African-Americans composing of 163 units served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Some of these men were freed slaves from the north and others were runaway slaves from the south, these men did great in battle. They had the courage of warriors but they didn’t get the respect they desired and deserved.


This image is very racist in that saying a black man is so much different from a white man; he is an animal that can’t be truly tamed. It is admitting that African-Americans did have a lot power and courage by winning the war against the confederate army, but then saying that a man just because of his color is a pest that has to be taken care of, or someone’s problem. This image is so wrong that it makes it hard to believe that people really thought this.

Racism at this time was horrible and there was a deep hated behind it. This obviously was an ever-growing problem just waiting to explode.  African-Americans have been in every war behind America since the revolution, this alone makes them just as American as you and I.





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