U.S. Racism 1900-1914


Much like the last couple of hundred years racism still continued through out the U.S. Though laws were made to protect colored, whites still found ways to make sure that they would stay dominant. Most racist white men during this time joined the “Ku Klux Klan” (K.K.K). Which was a white pride movement, who were not only racist against any type of coloreds but would abuse them in every and any way as well, especially african americans.

The Klan (K.K.K) was known for there “Lynchings” and Cross burnings of black people.  It was a hard time to be colored. The Ku Klux Klan was and is still mostly populated in the South of the U.S. The Klan abused many races of colored skin but african americans is mostly what they are know for attacking. In fact during this time period records show     nine-hundred and seventeen african american lynchings are recorded. And sadly these are just the ones that are”known” to the public there’s no telling how many cross burnings or lynchings took place in the South of the U.S. during 1900-1914

It’s lynchings like this (The picture in the top left) that took place in the south. No murders would be convicted of a crime because to the whites in the south or the K.K.K. coloreds and above all blacks didn’t matter. And to make it worse these murders would wear white robes/cloaks with white hoods (top right picture) to not only protect there identity but also let coloreds know they were around. The Klan could have any type of person whether rich or poor as long as they were pure white and against all colored races.

Till this day the K.K.K is around doing what they always have been; murdering, stealing,  and abusing others. Though The Klan remains mostly in the south, they are still known and followed through out U.S.  And although racism is not as popular or tolerable as it once was back those days, it’s still around and it’s still bringing much pain and damage to people lives, homes, communities, and cities as it was before


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One Response to U.S. Racism 1900-1914

  1. mlmuntz says:

    Don’t use the word “colored” or “coloreds,” it is offensive and in bad taste. It was the term used at the time, however it is not considered acceptable today.

    “No murders would be convicted of a crime” –I think you mean “murderers”
    “to not only protect there identity” –“their”

    Check your grammar more carefully.

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