In 1850-1900, racism still was a important factor in America. There was Supreme Court case called Plessy vs. Ferguson. This changed American History by legalizing segregation.

During this time African Americans could not sit with whit people in the trains. In 1892, the Citizens Committee to Test Constitutionality of the Separate Car Law asked Homer Plessy, a mixed African American,  to deliberately sit in the front of the train. On June 7, 1892, there was a 30 year old man named Homer Plessy, who was arrested for sitting in the “white” car of the East louisiana Railroad. Even though he could pass as “white” , he was still considered black and he had to sit in the colored car. Albion Tourgee, lawyer of Homer Plessy eventually took this case to the Supreme Court. Tourgee argued that Plessy was denied of his rights under the Fourteenth Amendment and the Thirteenth Amendment. Eight of the nine justices were unconvinced by his arguments, and ruled that these amendments did not apply to this case. The ruling on this case was that it gave states permission to legally separate black and whites at everything from drinking fountains to schools.

In this picture it shows that Homer Plessy is getting asked to move to the colored car. But Plessy is resisting because he was asked to sit in that seat. This is a important picture because even though he was asked to sit in that seat with the “whites” just because the Louisiana law states that if your at all black you have to sit with colored people. This segregation is racist.

African American weren’t just the only ones that went through slavery at this time. The Irish and the Asians went through some terrible times also. For example the Irish were discriminated for being Christian and  and the Asians were discriminated and theywould make them work on the side of a cliff on the railroads.



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One Response to 1850-1900

  1. mlmuntz says:

    “the Irish were discriminated for being Christian and and the Asians were discriminated and…”
    A few comments: The Irish were Catholic, and it makes more sense to say people were “discriminated against”
    Overall great. 10.

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