1750 – 1850 Slavery

The transatlantic slave trade during the 1750’s to the 1850’s is horrible, but booming at this point, because the more populated that America became the more slaves were on demand. As they went on to America, they faced plenty more obstacles along the way, especially dealing with their awful owners and fitting into their newfound homes.

As I was saying slave trade is booming, several ships meant many men were making a pretty penny doing a very ugly thing. Slaves were about $26 for a young male who could do much more in a lifetime. Slaves were on demand because Africans weren’t the only ones coming to America at this point in time there were people pouring in from Eastern Europe. More than 40 percent of the population is slaves, which went up almost 30 percent from 1715. By 1750 the slave population in America was up to 236,400.

This picture is relevant because it is showing massive amount of slaves working at a plantation.

As we learned in class slavery was a huge problem for many people not only did it effect the Africans it also effected America in that it now had a huge number of Africans. Also whats worst is we have installed hatred which is going to become a huge problem.




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One Response to 1750-1850

  1. mlmuntz says:

    make sure you speak in the past tense for things that are in the past: “slave trade is (was) booming”

    You should explain your picture more, and tell us why it is relevant.


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